P.O. BOX 319, Roslyn, WA. 98941
121 Croft Ave, Gold Bar, WA 98251
We are an active, 5th generation, commercial gold mining family, giving access to our personal properties, making lifelong friends along the way and giving lifetime experiences to our members as a part of the largest growing prospecting family in the USA.

We are educators, miners, engineers, and proudly family owned and operated; distributing our Brawn line of small scale prospecting equipment world wide, having fun and living the gold prospecting dream we want to share with you.

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Events and Outings

Membership Benefits

Live Your Gold Prospecting Dream!

Every month we have an outdoor outing, hands on adventures. We go to the beach, the mountains and all our claims throughout Washington and beyond.

Membership also allows members to invite your entire family! Friends too! As long as you’re an active member and on our claims with guests. 

Join The Family! Are you ready to get dirty on over a 2000 prime gold-diggin' acres right in the heart of Washington State and more? Consider a Prospectors Plus Membership.

We the Brawn family, a fifth generation active mining family, call our stores “Prospectors Plus” because we
wanted to do more than manufacture and sell gear.

We wanted to educate and show families a great way to enjoy your family, friends, and the great outdoors. We wanted folks to get out and
off the couch "plus" make friends and enjoy lifetime opportunities along the way.

Using advanced technology, in our USA made Brawn gear, we give you the
tools, knowledge and properties to legally and safely enjoy gold prospecting or rock-hounding, and gain memories and friends that will
​last forever.