October 23, 2021
The Different Types of Batteries

The Different Types of Batteries

Batteries nowadays rules the world. After all, our lives and chores are managed by our gadgets. They ate used to send messages, communicate to others and manage personal and professional lives. There are multiple types of batteries other lead batteries. That’s the reason why lead acid battery suppliers in UAE have the solution solar storage battery off grid. Some of the types of batteries are:

Lithium-ion batteries: Lithium-ion batteries are new and latest types of batteries that are used gadgets and smart phones. The battery is 20 to 35 percent lighter than Nickel metal Hydride batteries. Besides, its chemicals and substances are not hazardous completely. However, they need to be handled carefully because they ignite instantly.

Nickel Cadmium batteries: Nickel Cadmium batteries are old batteries that were used decade ago in laptops and technology. Now they are replaced by new and safer batteries. As the name says, the battery has cadmium.  Cadmium is a toxic material. Therefore, it cannot be disposed easily. Besides, there are problems with its battery capacity. They have memory effect in which they can use their old charging for the next use. However, its memory effect are likely to reduce battery capacity for lifetime. Therefore, people have to discharge the battery completely and then charge it again so that they won’t reduce its capacity.

Smart batteries: Smart batteries are the batteries of today. Unlike others, they have board circuits that are fitted with chips. These boards and chips help them to power computer and keep a check on the laptop performance. Besides, their chips help them to monitor the laptops’ temperature and output voltage. The battery runs faster than other batteries. They are more efficient than previously mentioned batteries. Smart batteries help a person to determine the fuel gauge of the computer to know when they have to charge it again.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries: They are the replacement of Nickel Cadmium batteries. Unlike it, the battery lack Cadmium and their capacity is not compromised because of memory effect. Besides, it is easier to maintain and manage Hydride batteries than Cadmium ones. Moreover, the Metal Hydride batteries have double battery capacity of Cadmium batteries. They have less hazardous materials and substances. However, Nickel Metal Hydride has issue with high and low temperatures.

So these are a few types of batters. Many if them can be found today as well except Nickel Cadmium.