September 24, 2022
How to choose a dehumidifier for your home?

How to choose a dehumidifier for your home?

A dehumidifier is just another household appliance that is used to reduce the level of humidity inside a room for health reasons. Humidity in the air is likely to cause mildew and mold to grow inside our homes causing health risks. The humid air also makes it uncomfortable to stay in a room causing excessive sweating for some people.

How to Buy a Dehumidifier When shopping for a dehumidifier, there are several aspects to be considered:

Size: The size of a dehumidifier is generally based on the amount of moisture extracted from the air in 24 hours. Purchasing a larger capacity model over a smaller one is better because larger units can dehumidify a larger area in a shorter span of time.

Portability: If you’re looking to move your dehumidifier from room to room, opt for a unit that is compact, lightweight, and includes a carrying handle or rolling casters.

Built-in Humidistat: If you want to adjust different humidity levels, dehumidifier with a humidistat is the best. This feature will automatically turn the unit on/off depending on the humidity settings.

Automatic Shut-Off: This function will allow you to turn the unit on or off without having to unplug, it also prevents overfilling when the storage tank is full.

Low Temperature Operation / Automatic Defrost: If you may be using the dehumidifier in temperatures colder than 65° F, look for a unit that has an anti-frost sensor and can operate in cold temperatures. This prevents quick cycling and frost from accumulating on the sensor.

Continuous Drainage: Dehumidifiers with a continuous drainage port will eliminate the hassle of emptying a condensation tank again and again. Simply attaching a hose to the dehumidifier will drain out the moisture.

Storage Tank Capacity: Almost all dehumidifiers have water storage tanks. If you’re not planning to purchase a model with a continuous drainage port, you’ll have to empty the tank periodically.

Washable / Removable Air Filter: Dehumidifiers that have washable filters trap airborne dust and particles. If the filter is washable, this makes maintenance convenient. You need to just pull out the filter; rinse it with mild soap and water; and replace it back within the unit.

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