May 7, 2021
Equipment for Recording Studios & Voice Overs

Equipment for Recording Studios & Voice Overs

The recording studio Dubai contains different equipment that plays different role for the recording of songs, voice-over and other purposes. Voice over is the new technique that is used in many documentaries and movies.


The equipment used in the recording studios are discussed above.

  • Microphones: It converts the waves of sound into signals and captures the sound. U87 is the most-used microphone for the voice over in the studios.
  • Computers: It is used for mastering the recording and the production.
  • Multi track Recorder: It allow the recordings of several sounds sources at different times.
  • Professional Mixing console: It combines the sounds of multiple audios signals into one.
  • Preamplifiers: It helps in converting the weak signals into strong output signals to bear tolerant noises and other processes.
  • Audio digital workstation: It records, produce and edits the multiple files of audios.
  • Music workstation: It facilitates the module, sequence and keyboard of sound.
  • Stands: The stands are used for carrying music equipment and instruments
  • Outboard units: It altered how the instruments is working and includes equalisers, reverbs and compressors, etc.
  • Signs with lights: They show the recording and on air status to other studios and channels
  • Grade consumer speakers: They are like the boom speakers, car audio speakers etc.
  • Headphones: They monitor the recording studios.
  • Power amplifiers: The magnitude of power increased by using the power amplifiers.
  • Reference Monitors: These are the loudspeakers with quick response for frequency
  • Microphone stands: They are used to place the microphones at any desired location and makes the task easy for the singers. It includes straight stands and boom stands.
  • Syncs (Synchronization): It updates the devices with latest and modern versions.
  • Record players: Record players records and reproduced the sound.
  • DI Unit Boxes: It connects the line levels, output signals and high-output impedances, to the lower ones.

Voice-Over Services

Voice over is a method in which the voice which is not the part of a play is added over the action. This technique is often used in serials, plays, shows and documentaries. It is recorded in the studios by using different instrument and equipment. The voice-over is done by certain actors that are provided by voice over services for the different movies and series accordingly. These services are also provided live for awards shows and other live shows.