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GPAA Gold Show Review

Written by Michele Brawn (email)
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Cody once again with microphone opens the shows, Chris from PPlus and Dominck Ricci, from the LDMA.

What a ham!

We had a very successful and fun few shows. First the Puyallup GPAA Gold & Treasure show and then off to the Salem Oregon show. Prospectors Plus and Brawn products, made great connections as well as great impressions once again. Members, Cody Moen and wife Mallory, came along as well, promoting the "Bering Sea Gold" show on Discovery channel, selling and autographing his Christine Rose, t-shirts and our gold pans.

A very special thank you to our good freind, Dominick Ricci, director of the LDMA, who always makes our little Cody (and us) feel like a superstar, opening the shows with the microphone. "Are you ready vendors?!!" he asked. Then would say, "Open the doors Helen!"

They really do put on a great show, supplying lunch and sodas to their vendors. This we thank Gary Sturgill, the show coordinator. He did a fantastic job and was very much appreciated by us.

We will be attending the Spokane GPAA show April 28-29, and if we can make it, to the Reno/Sparks show, May 19-20. We will be at the Mining Journals Prospecting & Mining summit, May 12-13 in Placerville, CA. as well.

Another beautiful product,out the door!

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P. Feller

Posted on Mar 26, 2012 22:46 PM

Hey! let me tell you all, going to a gold show is the most overwhelming experience of a lifetime. This was my first attending a show with Prospector's Plus, I was invited to go with them this last weekend and let me tell you, I could not believe my eyes. The crowd of all types of people and their stories they told and the learning experience I received from everyone. The most awarding moments for me was all the people coming in and out of the booth and the comments they shared with us on our professionalism and great looking equipment we had. If they did't buy it then, they came back to purchased that special piece of equipment from Brawn Mfg. What a feeling it was to watch them walk away with our name. It was an awesome weekend. Thank You so much Chris & Michele, Sheila F.

M. Brawn

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 10:53 AM

Thanks Sheila! It was and always is an experience! With all the gadgets and equipment at these sows, our products sold one after the other- nice to see folks walking around with our products in hand. it is a great feeling to know people are getting a fantastic product. We are very proud! Thanks for coming and helping out at the booth! It was sure a good weeekend!


Posted on Mar 28, 2012 12:01 PM

Hi Guys! It was great seeing you in Salem. It was very nice being recognized and so warmly welcomed by my friends at the Prospectors Plus booth. You guys made me feel very special indeed. I'm still chomping at the bit to see your new pan. If it works as well as the flat blue pans I bought from you last fall, then I am in for a real treat! On a less happy note, I don't believe I will be going to the Spokane show, so I'll wish you guys great sales, high spirits, and safe travels. See you in Gold Bar soon! Jim Shiver

M. Brawn

Posted on Mar 30, 2012 19:23 PM

Nice to see you too- so far away! Thanks Jim!

4/23/2014 9:52:16 PM