It's always a whirlwind of gold prospecting activity here at our historic mining shop, with our active and lively members, awesome USA made BRAWN Mfg. gear, and of course don't forget our historic gold rich mining claims.

Stay up to date with all our gold mining and prospecting adventures through our packed calendar of member events and bi-monthly fun meetings. Were always growing and doing something with new members, new claims and new adventures!

"Live Long and Prospect!"

Join The Family! Are you ready to get dirty on over a 2000 prime gold-diggin' acres right in the heart of Washington State and more? Consider a Prospectors Plus Membership.

Membership also allows members to invite your entire family! Friends too! As long as you’re an active member and on our claims with guests. 

Every month we have an outdoor outing, hands on adventures. We go to the beach, the mountains and all our claims throughout Washington and beyond.

Live Your Gold Prospecting Dream!

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121 Croft Ave, Gold Bar, WA 98251
P.O. BOX 1316, Gold Bar, WA 98251

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October 11th



Back to the Beach  Sept: 20-21


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